Independent researcher, Ph.D. in Sociology, M.D. in Journalism
Based in Luxembourg, I am the driving force behind the Social Foresight Group as its founder and project coordinator. I also hold the position of Chairwoman at the Russian Council on the Ethics of Scientific Publications and am the founder of Social Researchers Across Borders.
My contributions extend to the literary world as a co-author of “Open Question: Public Opinion Polls in the Modern History of Russia” and “Parenthood 2.0”.
My academic pursuits predominantly focus on comparative sociological studies, the dynamics of parenthood, and the principles of scientific ethics. With extensive experience in the third sector, grassroots movements, and educational and cultural organizations, I am also recognized for delivering insightful lectures on the ethics of scientific publications.

My collaboration in international research projects includes partnerships with eminent scientists from Hanguk University, Seoul.
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My projects:
  • Ideas for Russia is a research initiative co-founded by the Boris Nemtsov Foundation for Freedom in partnership with the Faculty of Social Sciences (Charles University) and Prague-based Institute for International Relations.
  • As part of the sociological project Skrytye mneniia (“Hidden Opinions”), which I started on my own initiative in 2022 and continued in 2023, I talked with Russians of different ages, professions, identities and lifestyles, both those who stayed in Russia and those who left.
  • The Social Foresight Group is an independent research group that includes social scientists and researchers with extensive experience in sociological research and international projects such as the World Values Survey, European Values Study, and Values in Crisis. A deep interest unites the group members in the multifaceted study of the social processes taking place in modern Russia and around it.
  • The Association of Social researchers across borders was initiated by Russian researchers who left the country after February 24, 2022. It was created with the aim of cooperation, support for transnational academic activities, and solidarity.
  • The Council on the Ethics of Scientific Publications
    The Council on the Ethics of Scientific Publications was created in response to the formalized regulation of Russian science, which ignores the institution of reputation (science is assessed not by the quality of the work performed, but by nominal indicators, which are not difficult to simulate); the dominance of the most aggressive players from the academic environment, aimed at demonstrating external signs of research results; the emergence of various kinds of conspiracies (scientometrics turned out to be a convenient means of authoritarian-bureaucratic stimulation of imitation of research activity).
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    I live in Luxembourg and cooperate with people and companies all over the world.
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